Clear channel connectivity

Clear channel connectivity

Clear Channel is an enabler for critical services such as voice, data, video and content application communication, between your core business locations.

With the tremendous increase in bandwidth consumption fuelled by cloud application abundance, exponential increases in compute power and big data, many organizations these days are looking for low latency, high performance connectivity between their core locations around the country. Clear Channel is aimed at multinational and corporate organizations, the financial sector and government sector as well as global carriers and media organizations looking for a service with high bandwidth capabilities.

With our Clear Channel offering, we can provide you with the flexibility of controlling routing, networking and security on a low latency, carrier-grade network which can transport any IP protocol or application.

Clear Channel enables carrier-grade; high-speed point to point optical connectivity between select IS Points of Presence countrywide. The service is provided over our resilient and secure optical network.


  • Low latency connectivity
  • Secure connectivity between core business locations
  • Cable and radio resiliency with SLA’s
  • Reports available and status via MRTG Portal, SMS and Email Alerts
  • Countrywide carrier-grade connectivity
  • Flexible and scalable bandwidth options




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